What If The South Won The Civil War Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:40:49
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If I were Abraham Lincoln during the US Civil War, there would few things if any that I would change. I would try to do anything to avoid a war between our own country. I would try to settle the territory disputes and the slavery disputes with an orderly fashion. But if none of that works and we tried our absolute best, then I would say go to war to end the conflicts.
After the war the slavery issue of the Emancipation Proclamation did not work as well as they hoped. They had no place to go after they were free and no one wanted to help them or even live with them or near them. Since there was nothing that Abraham Lincoln could do to settle the disputes in an orderly conduct, the only this was to go to war. I am not for that at all because some of the people were fighting against their friends and even against their family. Especially at the battle of Gettysburg where 53,000 Americans were killing there own people. Many people think that the whole reason for the Civil War was because of slavery.
But later on in the years, the people would rather have free soil than to keep the slaves working for them. What that means is that the people in the South were more concentrated on the amount of territory they could get, the North as well, then to then to give up slavery. The cotton manufacturing and the manufacturing of other goods was also a key aspect to the war. The South had all the cotton but that was the only manufacturing good. Meanwhile, the North was manufacturing many other goods and had miles and miles more railroad to transport the goods all across the country. The way that Abraham Lincoln fought the war was good.
He assembled a good and strong army to fight against the South. His army was almost two and one-half larger than the South. And almost half of the Souths army were blacks. Before this, in 1862 blacks desired to fight in the war but were not allowed. After, however, abolitionists succeeded for gaining the approval for the blacks to fight in the army, they were all black regiments with white commanding officers in charge. The Civil War ended up to be the deadliest war that the Americans had fought because they fought against themselves.
After the North won the war under the command of Ulysses S. Grant Abraham Lincoln made the Emancipation Proclamation. This is what Lincoln made for all the slaves to be freed after the war. He really did not help them as much as he could have helped them. He only gave the about 1000 slaves forty acres and a mule. This was not enough at all.
There were close to three and a half million slaves only about a thousand get land. The rest of these slaves had nowhere to turn to because after the war no one wanted them to live in the same town or village or even near any of them. Most of the freed slaves had nowhere to go so they still made the choice of working the fields in the South but get paid very little. The main reason the south didnt want the slaves to be free was because they thought the slaves would overtake the South. Most of the people, who lived in the Southern states like Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, etc, the population, were mostly all blacks.
And they thought if they were free they would take over their economy and their society. I would have done as much as I could to help the slaves out at the end of the war once they were free. I would have set up an education program and gave them lots of land to live in regardless of what the people thought of them. This education program would allow them to get a good start on to have any job that they desired even if there are racial differences between two people.
Also I would tax the nation a little bit and instead of giving very few of the slaves land, I would try and give them extra money to start a new, free life.

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