From Freehand Drawing to College Writing Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:40:36
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Guesses freehand drawing course illustrates the value of critical thinking to architecture students, a discipline that can also apply to a college writing course. In a sense, drawing a design is like writing an essay _ Mr.. Henderson regards drawing as a means for architecture to get their thoughts on paper: similarly, writing is a means for college students to express their ideas. The ability to analyze a topic by thinking critically can be greatly benefiting to a student’s writing.
In order to make the drawing to become individuated and fascinating, “you have to notice what is unique about this situation, what catches the eye. ” says Gussy. If all of Guesses students draw their peas as identical spheres, hen they will be unoriginal and missing the point of the lesson. Students in a college writing course are typically assigned to a same topic for their essays: inevitably many of them will form the same ideas or opinions. Critical thinkers pay attention to details and make note of those that are distinctive.
When writers utilize this skill to examine their topic, they may find something unique that will make their writings stand out from the rest. Critical thinkers also consider how the details are interrelated to form a main idea. Guesses two-minute figure sketching drills train her students to get a ensue of the whole of what they’re drawing on paper before they begin fussing with details. “One of the fundamental things when you approach a site or a piece of paper is to ask yourself, how big is it, what shape is it, and oeuvre are you going to put it? Says Gussy. One of her student’s drawing is only half-finished, but it is already clear that the head and torso are too large there?s no room for the legs. When writing an essay, having a strong main idea and a well-rounded research that supports the argument helps persuading the reader to agree With you. Concentrating too much on one aspect while ignoring the others is much like raring a big head and forgot about the legs.
Imagine the main idea as the skeleton, and the details are the different body parts that make the figure comes together. The details should support and be relevant to the main idea, not stealing the spot light. A good essay doesn’t need to have big fancy words. Through critical thinking, one can spark the reader’s interest with a well-thought idea supported by distinctive details. Whether it’s a freehand drawing class, college writing course, or even everyday life, thinking critically can improve how we view the world and achieve our goals.

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