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Published: 2021-06-29 01:38:03
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MAKe YOUR own: moving parts digger Diggers are very popular in our house but we’ve found that good digger crafts are quite hard to come by. Using Roger Prides great book ‘Rainbow Trucks’ as inspiration decided to take matters into my own hands. The end result is this simple digger picture. It’s heaps Of fun to color in and, best Of all, you get to put the pieces together and move them around.
You will need this project sheet roadbed hole punch split pins (brads) markers or paints scissors photo and glue (optional) directions Before you get started you’ll need to transfer the digger images to cardboard. You can print or photocopy the images straight onto card. Otherwise, just glue the paper onto card or trace the image on to card by holding it up against a window (that’s what did’). 1 232 1 Color-in or paint the digger and digger parts.
Cut the pieces out and punch oleos where marked. We also cut up some photos and pasted them on the digger so that the kids could be in the drivers seat! Attach the parts using split pins (brads) and there you have a fabulous moving parts digger! Hope you enjoy this craft. If you have a chance, take a photo of your completed digger and email it to me ([email protected] Com) so can add it to the Kids Craft Weekly photo gallery. T) 2007 streetwalker. Com 2007 streetwalker. Com

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