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Published on 07 May 2012 Written by Super User

We at Projekt HSK believe that writing should be something as affordable as writting a letter or drinking a cup of water. Writing is not just an art, but much more than that. Writing is magic; it creates worlds, beautiful or horrible landscapes, people who otherwise wouldn't exist, situations that range from those we see every day around us (if we only could have our eyes that open) to those that defy the laws of physics.

Writing creates worlds. Literally. It is a Big Bang of our mind, a process that creates whole Universes out of Nothingness, full of life, full of events.

Writing is painting for those who can't paint, singing for those who can't sing, teaching for those too shy to teach publicly.

There's a whole lot of technology involved in many things. It seems just as if one can't produce a decent movie without a lot of computer generated special effects. Making music involves lot of technology. Some computer games are produced by studios comparable to the Holywood ones.

We believe that writing should be simple process. Writing is all about being creative, and not jumping trough nooks of technology.

Our mission is to provide a simple tool for everyone to use, a tool that will take someone's piece of art, make an e-book and make it globally available.

We do not think writers should be IT specialists. We think that writers should be writers, and we will take charge of the technology.

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