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Q: How can I use your service?
A: Just sign up. We can't publish your books if you haven't signed up and agreed to our Terms & Agreements.

Q: I am a minor. Can I use your service?
A: Yes, but your parents would have to sign in for you; your work will be published under your name.

Q: What technical skills I have to have as a writer?
A: Basic computer knowledge (if you can read this, you already have that) and the knowledge to save your work as an HTML file.

Q: Do I have to write in English language?
A: No, you can write in any language you choose. Our system can support whatever language you throw at it; if you can write it in, say, MS Word or LibreOffice, we can support it.

Q: Will you take away my rights?
A: No, your rights stay your rights.

Q: If I publish my story with you, am I perpetually tied to your service?
A: No. You can walk away, come back, work with other publishers at the same time... the only thing you can not do is publish your story for free using our service and sell printed editions of that same story trough another publisher.

Q: So, if I publish my story for free here, I can never ever publish it as a printed book?
A: No, your work is your work. What you will have to agree is that you aren't going to publish for money what you have published here for free for a certain period of time. And you can not withdraw your e-book that you published for free with us if you decide to publish it commercially somewhere else.

Q: Can you sell my work trough your site?
A: It will be possible. Right now, in the beta phase, we can publish only free e-books.

Q: Are there any legal restrictions?
A: Yes, there will be reasonable legal restrictions whose purpose will be to protect both us and writers from doing something that we would all feel sorry about.

Q: If your service dissapears, what is going to happen with my published work?
A: Nothing, it will not cease to exist. It will still be there, regardless of our fate.

Q: Is every book another application?
A: Yes, we distinguish authors and their work that way. Of course, if you have more than one work (say, a number of stories, poems, etc.), you can put them in one application just like you would do with a paper book. You do not have to have different application for each of your work.

Q: What is the benefit of not having it under one all-encompasing e-book reading application?
A: By breaking your work into individual applications it is easier to follow its success on the market and get ratings and reviews from your readers. It also distinguishes you from all the other authors and makes your work easier to find by those who do not have an all-encompasing e-book reading application.

Q: Couldn't you just publish my work online as a PDF file?
A: Surely, but for that you do not need us. There's a myriad places on the Internet where one can do that.

E-book framework

Q: Can I put pictures in my e-book?
A: You can put any multimedia in your e-book. You can make your e-book interactive, you can even program it if you have the knowledge.

Q: Are those features available in free e-book framework you give to writers, or do I have to purchase "Pro edition"?
A: They are available for free in our e-book framework and to take advantage of them you don't have to buy anything.

Q: How do we use your e-book framework?
A: You don't need to tackle that: simply upload your work and we will integrate it into our framework for you and even publish it.

Q: The application does not remember where I left off.
A: Make sure cookies are enabled in your system browser. Also, there are some issues with some models of smartphones, we're working on it.

Q: Can my books be interactive?
A: Yes! The great feature of this service is that your book can be interactive: you can add text, video, music... and you can even program it! Of course, you do not have to use any of those features, but if you want to and know how (or want to hire one of our professionals), the framework is quite happy to incorporate this.

Q: Are you going to offer service on iOS as well?
A: We have an intent to, but there are certain issues with that that would be bad for us and authors: namely, the practice of Apple to pull off an application from App Store for whatever reason they have. We do not want to have published work of our authors be unilaterally removed from the store if there's a change in company policy or if someone decides that our project is a threat to their revenue stream.

Q: What copyright licenses do you support?
A: Anything you like. We're agnostic in that matter.

Commercial offer

Q: Do you offer advanced services?
A: Yes: we can connect you with professionals that could help you with your book: editors, graphics artists, translators, programmers... They can help you making your book better, but their services are not free of charge.

Q: Can I use somebody else to do that? Do I have to use professionals from your offer?
A: No, you can choose any professional you like. However, small percentage of the deal you make with our professionals goes toward sustaining this service.

Q: Don't you have annual fee?
A: We are going to have annual fee (that should be about 20$) that will help us fund the project; we're also planning on having special discount for authors from third world countries. The prices will be determined at the end of beta.

Q: If I decide to publish my work commercially, how much of the price I will get?
A: We can't tell you exact percentage yet, but we think that you'll get 50-60% of e-book price.

Q: If my free e-book is doing good, can I start selling it for money?
A: No. It is always possible to turn that e-book that you're selling into free download, but the opposite is not possible. You have to decide at the beginning whether you want to give it away or charge money for it. If you decide to give it away, you can't later on decide to put a price tag on it.

Q: What price I can set for my book?
A: Any that you think will sell your book. We're quite happy if you sell your book for 100$ if you want to (because we get a share of that price), but you should be realistic with your expectations.

Q: Do you offer DRM service?
A: We do not believe in DRM and do not offer it. You can, however, develop your own DRM service, either as an addition of our free e-book framework or a full blown Android/iOS application. If you for some reason want to restrict availability of your work, we do support Google's built-in licensing for Google Play and can implement that for you. (although we're not happy with that - books should have no restrictions at all)

Q: Will you put ads in my free e-book?
A: We do not think ads are part of a proper piece of art.

Q: Can I implement ads service in my free or commercial e-book?
A: We do not think ads are part of a proper piece of art.


Q: Your web page isn't pretty.
A: We know. Will fix that. One day. We promise.

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